My third pro dive trip

22nd Nov 2013

Just completed my third pro dive liveaboard trip took my kids this time thought they would be a handful being only 10 and 11 but true to form pro dives crew including Ralph assisted.
My kids had a ball and so did I.  We had fantastic dives saw some great fish on the reef saw heaps of reef sharks.
The high lite of the trip would have to be my son coming back and saying that his best part was diving with Ralph he is only 10 my daughter also enjoyed herself.

Thanks pro dive you truly are a Professional organisation and nothing we asked for was an problem.
Thanks again

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The employees ARE Pro Dive

11th Nov 2013

Letter to the ProDive owners.

I have been a business consultant for over 25 years and I have seen time and time again how a company’s success is nearly always predicated on the quality of its people. For you, your success is not about your boat (it’s OK), the food (pretty good), or the equipment (just OK). It’s the people. The crew on my trip included Morgan, Taryn, Simon, Jack, Miggie (sp?) and Dani (sp), plus a candidate, Connor.

I just completed the Rescue course on a 3-day live-aboard. I’ve been diving for 13 years but had never done a live-aboard. The experience (October 27-30, 2013) far exceeded my expectations. First off, your training center and Simon as our instructor were outstanding. Your crew, well I just can’t say enough about them (more later on that) and your clientele (at least on this trip) were really cool, relaxed and interesting people. Despite the fact that the boat felt a bit crowded, I never minded because the atmosphere was so chill and the people so nice.

But, about your employees. These guys and gals work so hard. They do it all. They teach, guide, cater, clean up after, calm and care for every customer like they were family. I hope that you recognize that if these employees leave, or become checked out, you’ll be hard pressed to find talent as good as what you have. The cost of hiring and training new people if you suffer high turnover are astronomical. So, my advice, take care of the people you have. Pay them a fair wage (to start with) but empower them, treat them with respect and remember that they are your company; they are your most important asset.

The customer experience created by the crew on my trip, will have me come back to ProDive should I have the chance to travel back over from New York. I guess if I were to sum it up, there will always be reasons to complain — I did’t like my room that sat right atop the generator, I did’t like crawling over everyone pulling on my gear and I did’t like the crowded underwaters — but the crew just made me not want to complain. It was so fun and the atmosphere so relaxed that I just took it all in stride and decided to enjoy every moment of my experience. I felt happy.

I would like to recognize the crew for making this trip as amazing as it was. And a special thanks to Simon who was a great teacher, but also an all-around great person who truly cares about those around him.


Barbara Spitzer

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Great Trip, Well Worth The Money

11th Nov 2013

Recently I did the 3 day/2 night Great Barrier Reef tour. I found it to be excellent value for money. The food was great throughout and all the staff were incredibly friendly. The hire equipment was of good quality. I wasn’t sure if the compact digital cameras would really be worth it but as long as you get close to the subject you can get some great photos’s. I was also fitted out for a mask and all my dive gear at the dive shop prior to going out to the reef. I can highly recommend Pro Dive Cairns. I’ll be using them again soon for the coral see trip.

Happy Customer



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Trip to the Whole new world with Prodive

12th Sep 2013

First of all, I would like to thank all the crew with such a ‘Not good weather’, especially Chloe. You are the best of the best!!

I had a book 3 days liveaboard trip the day before the trip with my open water certified friend- She signed for advanced course. As a dive instructor myself and had been away from diving, I was so excited to trip with Prodive which is the best dive company in Cairns. Before the trip, you need to go to the dive shop and fill the forms and set the gears. That moment, they found a problem with my friend’s certificate which is ‘She is not a openwater diver’. Kindly, they found a way to fix the problem and she even got offered ‘Free refresh course’ right away so that we were able to go on the trip. Thank you again.

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Diving on The Great Barrier Reef

25th Aug 2013

My friend and I had a fantastic time with Prodive Cairns.
Everything was very well organised from the pickup very early in the morning from our hotels to the dive equipment that was sorted out and ready for us on the boat.
I had not been diving for about five years except for on a refresher course, but when I got on the boat I felt at ease, everything was very professional and I felt that safety was a high priority.
The diving was amazing, the dive sites were great. What can I say, I really enjoyed the whole experience and the food was very good too.
Thanks so much to the Prodive team.

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A brilliant trip

25th Aug 2013

Wow! If you are thinking about doing the 5 day learn to dive course – do it.

My daughter and I did the 5 day learn to dive course in the first week of August 2013.

It was brilliant. I took 6 days away for this trip and felt like I had been away a month!

I have been to Cairns 3 times before and I have done introductory dives and snorkelling. However, this trip was by far the best. The course was run very professionally. The instructors (Kevin (from Holland) and John ) were superb. We learnt a lot and had a great time.

Our group had people from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, the US and Australia with varying abilities in the water. Kevin was very good at making sure that everyone was comfortable and keeping up with the lessons and the exercises.

Diving and snorkelling were great out on the reef. We were well looked after with food. Our safety was very well managed too with regular roll calls and great attention to safety procedure when getting people in and out of the water.

The negatives? – it takes a bit over 2 hours to get to the reef and a number of people were sea sick. It happens. They were all recovered and ready to go for the first dive. I think they had all learned how to manage this when the time came for the trip back. Also the cabins are small which is to be expected – but you only go in them to sleep and I slept like a log.

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Swimming with Humpback Whales!!!

12th Aug 2013

Whale season is in full swing here in sunny Cairns and last week some of our passengers were fortunate enough to experience a close encounter with a mother and her calf!

They took this amazing video and we’re very pleased to be able to share it with you all here!



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It was great trip!

12th Aug 2013

We joined 3 days trip to Great Barrier Reef from 3rd Aug. it was great journey for us.
Unfortunately, I got trouble with jelly fish sting as you know and our group has to give up because of my symptom was going worse. I was very sorry about that. However, until that moment, we were enjoying diving, foods, service, crew, everything was so good. Of course, after happening sting, all the crew was helping me very much.
I really appreciate it. You saved my life!!
Well, I am not sure that when we will come back to cairns for diving, but we will join your tour if we come back.
Thank you very much for everything.
We wish that you will give great experience to next guests without trouble like me!!!
I know this is really hard job, so please take care yourself, too

Yosuke Fukushima
Yuki Fukushima

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The Whales are back!!

27th Jun 2013

Passengers aboard our day trip sister ship in Port Douglas, Silversonic were delighted to spot some of the first humpbacks of the season today off Port Douglas.  The 2 adult humpbacks, were about 14 metres in length and were spotted about 200 metres from the vessel and are believed to be the first humpback sightings of the year.

The whales were playing between Turtle Bay and Castle Rock at Agincourt 2 Reef.

Silversonic skipper Shane Down said “We were travelling between dive sights at about 1.00pm and they were playing, jumping a few times and then they lay on the surface and looked like they went to sleep.   It is always exciting to see the humpbacks arrive and a positive for all our passengers and crew.  Our guests are just in awe, everyone was on the decks and just delighted to see such an amazing sight”.


With the onset of autumn, humpback whales begin their long trek up the east coast of Australia. They are easily identified by their extremely long pectoral fins and scalloped flukes. Humpbacks are referred to as Baleen whales, as they filter sea water through large fibrous plates in their mouths to feed on the krill. They rarely travel any further north than Cape Tribulation, so we are at the end of their long migration, and they tend to gather here in large numbers.


The reason they travel north is to get to warmer waters to breed and calve. Warm tropical waters have little food for the whales to feast upon, so the whales rely on their fat reserves they have accrued by feeding on krill in Antarctic waters. As they travel up the coast, the whales begin to form small groups or mating pairs.


To actually see one underway is simply the most unbelievable experience you’ll ever have, says Russell Hore, Manager of Quicksilver’s Group Reef Biosearch division.


The whales are regularly sighted at the reef during July to September.

Humpback whales on the Great Barrier Reef

Silversonic sees first humpbacks of the season!

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17th Jun 2013

News Release – 11 June 2013

In an Australian first, and possibly a World first leading Cairns dive operator, Pro Dive Cairns achieved the unique status of 130,000 PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) certifications on the 4th June 2013.  With 32 people on board from a variety of countries including Germany, UK and the Netherlands, the honour went to Thomas Morey from Oxford in the UK. Thomas has been travelling Australia for 3 months and obtaining his dive certificate was one of the last highlights before leaving.  Thomas remarked that he dreamed of being as marine biologist as a kid and to learn to dive on the Great Barrier Reef was “awesome from every aspect and this milestone was a lovely surprise and a great way to end my time in Australia”.

Commenting on the company’s milestones, Quicksilver Group Managing Director Tony Baker said, “We are extremely proud of our achievements and the reputation Pro Dive Cairns has built over the years. The fact that so many people have chosen Pro Dive Cairns to teach them to dive is very satisfying and reflects our philosophy and commitment to providing the best possible dive education and trips over many years.”

Paul Lim, General Manager Pro Dive “Our longevity in business over the past 30 years, is an outstanding testament to the dedication and professionalism of all our staff, as well the quality and reputation of our product.”

PADI Australia, Henrick Nimb,  VP Marketing, Education and Business Development remarking “Our entire team at PADI would like to congratulate the team at Pro Dive Cairns on reaching the remarkable milestone of 130,000 PADI students. Our two companies have shared a strong and successful business partnership over 30 years and we look forward to many more.”

Established in 1983, Pro Dive Cairns has built an enviable international reputation as one of the world’s premier dive schools and liveaboard dive trip operators. Today, with a team of 55 local staff, Pro Dive owns and operates a purpose built 5 star PADI Diver Training Centre as well as three premier 25 metre liveaboard vessels that conduct 3 day / 2 night trips to the Outer Reefs off Cairns 6 times each week, all year round.

More information on any of Pro Dive Cairns dive courses or dive trips, visit
ProDive Cns 130000 Cert

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